Personality Secrets — Will “Chrissy Metz Weight Loss” Get You Down?

This week marks the opening of a new reality show, which is named “Chrissy Metz Weight Loss.” The show is touted as a new way for women to lose weight with a twist — Chrissy is a woman! Metz is a plastic surgeon and reality TV star, who also appeared on MTV’s “Porn County” earlier this year. She will lose ten pounds on each of her ten scheduled weight loss programs, and people are lining up to get an opportunity to see her do it.

One of the interesting things about this TV show is that while there seems to be some sort of competition involved (in the form of donations to help pay for the program), the real meat of the show is Metz trying to get others to see her lose weight. As you may have seen on TV, it’s hard to find someone who’s ever said, “I’ve lost weight.” Most of the usual weight loss fad diets focus on a person’s food intake, or how much she or he eats. So, it’s easy to say, “Let’s all eat ice cream every day!” But to actually get rid of those pounds, you need to work out what it is that makes you want to eat that food in the first place.

Metz is attempting to solve this problem by teaching you about your own biological make-up and why certain foods can make you fat. And, since “Chrissy” is a woman, it’s not surprising that she also teaches women about their own bodies and what they can do to get rid of that excess weight. But, it is quite interesting that she uses her weight loss history to help women find their own answers to weight loss. It’s a nice little meta-theme that really ties into the message that Metz is trying to convey with this TV show.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss